Our goal is to guarantee and constantly improve the quality of our projects developing new designs and construction technologies. We offer innovative solutions to our customers through close collaboration with our architects from the preliminary design stage on.
We promote the application of eco-compatible technology to architecture, which results in considerable energy and cost savings, as well as in improvements in living conditions inside our buildings and in the well-being of those who live and work in them. We also pay special attention to the design of our construction sites in order to guarantee the highest safety standards, cost-effectiveness and the strict respect of timetables.


For Studio Italia Costruzioni restoring means working in a “soft” manner.
Our company applies only non-invasive reversible techniques that are respectful of the building. Materials are selected on the basis of laboratory analysis and are only chosen if they comply with high standards of functionality and use. The experience of our master craftsmen and craftwomen is an irreplaceable quality factor in restoration procedures. Studio Italia Costruzioni believes that every restoration project aims to enhance, not obliterate, the historical evolution of monuments and buildings.


Studio Italia Costruzioni is constantly searching for new and customised technological solutions. The unique design and engineering capabilities developed by our Company are one of our main strengths.
Our organizing skills allow us to handle very complex projects and combine them with frequent quality checks carried out during the entire production process. This enables our Company to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, reducing wastage of time and material and limiting the overall cost of the work.


Our skills in managing complex projects are the result of a continuous investment in training of our workforce. Periodic operational meetings, the use of the Gantt diagram and the Pert (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) planning system guarantee the successful progress of the projects down to the smallest detail.